Monday, May 18, 2015

Free Crochet Gift Label

Sometimes I just want a simple but sweet way to dress up my homemade gifts, which is why I created these crochet gift labels! I made 2 different but coordinating styles to wrap up a few of the Chrysanthemum dishcloths I showed you in my 5 Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns round up. 

You can download these Free Crochet Gift Labels here and share the homemade love! All you have to do is print it out on cardstock, cut a few straight lines, wrap the gift and secure the label. I'm lame and used regular clear tape to secure it, but I'm thinking that washi tape that coordinated with your gift would be adorable!

These labels would be cute to wrap up hats, hotpads, boot cuffs, washcloths, infinitity scarves or any kind of small crochet gift! I know I'll be using them for a lot of my gift giving in the future! 

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Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

About 2 months ago, I share 5 Free Knit Dishcloth Patterns. Today, I have 5 free crochet dishcloth patterns for all my crocheting friends! These are all patterns that I have made myself and enjoy making:)

I love how Kara from Petals to Picots uses two basic crochet stitches to create this beautifully textured dishcloth! Her pattern is so incredibly simple that I could probably make another one from memory although it's been a few weeks since I made this sweet yellow one!

As a general rule, I don't like dishcloths with any amount of openwork. I like the stitches to be nice and tight so they are effective when in use. However, I just love this pattern created by Erica from 5 Little Monsters! It's got a bumpy texture to it, so depsite the small amount of openwork, I feel like it's still effective! And pretty!

This is one of my own patterns, and I still just love the edging around it! 

Chrysanthemum Dishcloth

This is definitely my favorite washcloth of all time. Really, I adore it so much. Who isn't made happy by spring flowers?! In the photo below, I used Mary Maxim Scrub It yarn. I wasn't sure if I'd like it for this pattern, but I love!

Textured Stripes Dishcloth

When I first saw the stripes on this dishcloth over on the Lemon Lane Blog, I knew I loved the design! As I started to crochet it, however, I decided it was a little bit big for my taste. I have small hands and I think that is why I tend to prefer smaller washcloths. So I modified the pattern a bit by taking off a few chains and rows to make it a little smaller. I'm in love with the end result!

There is something so theraputic about crocheting dishcloths, don't you think??

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Monday, May 4, 2015

The BEST Crocheted Hotpad You'll Ever Make

When I got married about four and a half years ago, we were gifted a homemade set of crocheted hotpads. I loved them very much, and spent a ridiculous amount of time examining them in an attempt to figure out how to replicate the double thick technique used. I never did figure it out on my own. But one day, after I had long since given up on replicating those hotpads, I accidently stumbled across a tutorial to make them!!  I was thrilled, to say the least. I pinned it to my own crochet board, and later hacked onto my mom's Pinterest account and pinned it to hers as any good daughter would. And then I hacked my sister's Pinterest and pinned it to her crochet board as well. (My sister has since changed her password...but I know she deeply appreciates having this tutorial saved!)

Anyway, you can find the pattern for these lovely little hotpads over at Miss Abigail's Hope Chest. There are so many helpful photos and the tutorial is well put together. Seriously, go look. You'll thank me.

These are so unbelievably simple to make and work up quickly. I use Lily Sugar n' Cream typically, but any kind of worsted weight cotton will work! 

I love how thick and durable they are, unlike so many other flimsy ones I've used! Out of all the hotpads I've ever owned, these kind seem to hold up the best. Until you drop one onto a hot stove burner and don't notice until you smell burning yarn. Then they aren't so effective anymore. Ahem...not that I would know anything about that of course;)

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