Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY Lace and Crochet Flower Wreath

I have been anticipating sharing my lace and crochet flower wreath with you for a few weeks now! As I crocheted my simple flowers and dainty flowers, I formulated my vision for this wreath. I'm happy to report that it turned out even cuter than I had hoped!

First, wrap the muslim strips around the wire wreath. Don't stress too much about how perfect it is because you're just going to cover it up!

Next arrange your various flowers around your covered wreath. Play around with this- you want it to look well balanced and pretty! Once you have all the flowers arranged in a way that you like, start hot gluing them into place. 

Originally, I had intended to put this wreath on the outside of my front door. And then I realized how much work I had put into it and I can't bear to expose it to the elements! So I'm going to put it on my pantry door instead. It will pretty up my kitchen nicely, I think!

Spring decor really does make me so happy inside:)

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  1. This was a very cute pattern I used it for a headband for my granddaughter I attached it to the top of a plastic headband like a little flower on top of her head cute thank you for the pattern


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