Hello! I'm Kersten, the girl behind this blog :) And I'm so glad you stopped by!

You know how in elementary school, teachers always would give you those annoying little "get to know you" papers to fill out? And there was always a section about listing your hobbies? While my other little peers would write things like "dance, gymnastics, soccer" I would write things like, "crocheting, cross stitching, reading." And then when another classmate would read it they would always say, "What is crocheting? What's cross stitching?" When I'd explain, they'd usually give me weird looks and maybe even tease me. By middle school, I quit fessing up my true hobbies and became a bit of a closet crafter. 

Well, peers, this little blog is all about me coming out and embracing my inner creativity! Feel free to tease me- it won't bother me anymore :)

Anyway, I'm married to one handsome guy named Tyson who is mostly supportive of my yarn and fabric addictions. Oh, and he frequently fixes my dying sewing machine and blogging technical difficulties. And he very sweetly comforts me when I'm having a meltdown over unraveled crochet projects or lost needles. Basically, I'd be dysfunctional without him!

I am a mommy to a busy little boy and a beautiful baby girl. They are often the inspiration behind my posts and I love them more than any thing!

I'd love it if you'd stick around for a while! Let's get to know each other better, yes?!

If you'd like to contact me, my e-mail is littlemissstitcher@gmail.com. I always love hearing from my readers!

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  1. You have a precious little family. It makes my heart happy to know there are young people who are interested in keeping the art of crochet, knitting and quilting alive. Without young people like you, these arts would fade away. Keep up the tradition and be sure to pass it on. I am a 72 year old mother of five, grand mother of twelve, great grandmother of one with two other babies due this year. I collect sewing machines, yarn, fabric and buttons. Keep up the good work.


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