Monday, June 1, 2015

Responses For When Someone Asks You to Knit/Crochet for Them

Do you avoid telling people you knit or crochet because you fear an endless stream of people asking you to make things for them? Inevitably, when people begin discovering that you're the least bit crafty, they will ask you to create something for them. 

Sometimes when they ask, they are perfectly reasonable. They understand that knitting or crocheting their requested item takes a great deal of time and they even sweeten the request by offering to compensate your time and supplies. Others will be demanding, unreasonable or even rude and ask for the impossible. ("I need a high quality cabled and lace toddler sweater that looks like the one depicted in this Pinterest photo but made with cheap, scratchy Red Heart yarn so I can pay you $7 for it. Oh, and can I get it by next Saturday?") It's helpful to be prepared for all sorts of knit/crochet requests so that you don't find yourself resentfully crocheting for someone or attempting to knit that impossible request! 

Well, I've come up with a list of 9 responses for when someone asks you to knit or crochet for them!

1. Yes!!

If it is something that you would love to make for someone that you would love to make it for and you can find time for it, then absolutely say yes! And it nevers hurts to donate to charity events if you are asked and have the time! There have been plenty of times I've said yes to a request and truly enjoyed following through.

2. I'd love to work out a trade! Would you be willing to BLANK in exchange for that crocheted/knitted item?

You can fill in the blank with all sorts of things. For example, is the person requesting a hair stylist? Trade haircuts for crocheting! I've traded knitted photography props with the photographer at Bitty Bokeh in exchange for the most breath taking photos of my children. Other trade ideas include babysitting, meals, teaching you a new skill, etc. There are so many talented people out there who would probably love the idea of a trade.

WARNING: Don't say this unless you really want to follow through with it if they accept. And do your best to make sure the trade is fair so nobody feels like they are being taken advantage of!

3. No.

Plain and simple "no" works. It's definitely blunt, but don't feel like you have to offer an explantation if  you don't want to. Not everybody has to like you. Not everyone is deserving of the hard work and time you would put into a homemade item. Don't be afraid to just say "no" if making something will cause you misery!

4. I don't usually create items to order, but I know somebody who does!

If you know somebody who owns an Etsy shop or otherwise sells the handmade items you've been asked to make, I'm sure they'd appreciate any referrals! This is a great response to deflect unwanted requests while still pointing the person in a direction where they can get the homemade item they are asking for.

5. How about I teach you how to knit/crochet instead?

If she/he says yes, then you can spread the yarn crafting love and guarentee that person won't be asking you to make things for them again! Plus you'll make a new crocheting/knitting friend. Yay! But if you know for a fact the person won't take you up on the offer, it's a great way to get out of making something you don't have the time or wish to create. 

WARNING: Don't say this unless you really want to follow through with it if they accept. If you don't have the time or desire or patience to be teaching someone to crochet or knit, then this isn't the response for you!

6. Have you met my kids? 

This is my go-to response. I usually follow that statement with something like, "They won't even nap at the same time for me anymore!" and I make sure to say it with a tired expression on my face to remind them that my kids keep me pretty busy and what free time I do have is extremely precious.

7. I only make homemade items as gifts, and even then people are lucky if I get their knit gift done in time for Christmas!

This is a great response for an acquaintance or friend of a friend who asks you to make them something. It gently points out that it takes a lot of time to finish projects and most people aren't going to start demanding for a Christmas gift. 

8. I'm so glad you like my work, but I'm afraid I have a very long want-to-make list and wouldn't be able to make that for you for another decade or so.

Their enthusium will wane when they realize they won't get the item they are asking for until years have passed. 
And this is the polite way to say, "That sounds like a time consuming hassle. I'd rather spend my limited down time making things I want to make!"

9. Start laughing.

Ok, so this probably is not the best response. But sometimes it just slips out, especially if the request is particularly ridiculous. Usually this will demostrate that what they are asking for isn't realistic for you to make! Once you are able to stop laughing, you can either explain why their request made you laugh, or use one of the responses I've listed above.

Have people ever asked you to knit or crochet for them? What did you say?

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  1. These are hilarious! And I don't even knit or crochet! I especially love #6. That's a good answer for pretty much any request! Especially when you look tired, too!

  2. People ask all the time I usually offer to teach them to knit....

  3. Oh my gosh. I'm still laughing- I love that response!!

  4. I have an acquaintance who was chatting with friends about the knitted and crocheted mermaid tail blankets. Apparently, she was bragging that she had a friend who 'can knit or crochet anything'. (nice compliment, thanks). BUT - she rang me last week with 5 orders for adult sized mermaid tail blankets. to be completed as soon as possible. My reply was unprintable! But it shows how clueless some people are about our art.

  5. These are great! I have a friend who asked me to crochet a "gag gift." Just the thought of wasting my time on something like that.


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