Monday, June 15, 2015

LDS Manti Temple Free Stitchery Pattern

One of my many sisters is serving an LDS mission in Germany. I wanted to send her a package, but couldn't think of what to send her! I wanted something small enough that it would be easy for her to pack with her when she transferred, something lightweight because international shipping can get pricy and something that I knew she would love. I finally had the idea to send her a towel with an embroidered LDS Manti Temple on it! 

I first embroidered the design onto some scrap white fabric. When I was finished, I ironed it, cut off the excess fabric and sewed it onto a purple tea towel with ric rac. 

You can find the design here: LDS Manti Temple Free Stitchery Pattern

The pattern includes an inscription above the temple that says, "Holiness to the Lord." I ultimately decided to leave that off, because without the words above the temple this would have fit well in a little 5x5 frame that I was considering putting it in for my sister. However, I decided the frame was too heavy to ship so I chose the towel idea instead. But I left the words on the pattern in case anyone else would want to stitch them!

I think my sister is going to love it! 

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  1. I love this so much! It is seriously so perfect. I saw a beautiful embroidery done in the Rexburg temple a few weeks ago and couldn't imagine how much time it took to put into it. You could probably embroider for temples, too!!!

    1. Thanks- you're sweet! The longest part was drawing it up but I'm glad I did it because I love it too!


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