Monday, May 4, 2015

The BEST Crocheted Hotpad You'll Ever Make

When I got married about four and a half years ago, we were gifted a homemade set of crocheted hotpads. I loved them very much, and spent a ridiculous amount of time examining them in an attempt to figure out how to replicate the double thick technique used. I never did figure it out on my own. But one day, after I had long since given up on replicating those hotpads, I accidently stumbled across a tutorial to make them!!  I was thrilled, to say the least. I pinned it to my own crochet board, and later hacked onto my mom's Pinterest account and pinned it to hers as any good daughter would. And then I hacked my sister's Pinterest and pinned it to her crochet board as well. (My sister has since changed her password...but I know she deeply appreciates having this tutorial saved!)

Anyway, you can find the pattern for these lovely little hotpads over at Miss Abigail's Hope Chest. There are so many helpful photos and the tutorial is well put together. Seriously, go look. You'll thank me.

These are so unbelievably simple to make and work up quickly. I use Lily Sugar n' Cream typically, but any kind of worsted weight cotton will work! 

I love how thick and durable they are, unlike so many other flimsy ones I've used! Out of all the hotpads I've ever owned, these kind seem to hold up the best. Until you drop one onto a hot stove burner and don't notice until you smell burning yarn. Then they aren't so effective anymore. Ahem...not that I would know anything about that of course;)

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  1. You were right - definitely a pattern I needed to have pinned! There are such great things over at Miss Abigail's Hope Chest - had to subscribe. Hope you'll be stopping by to share this with us at our Yarn Fanatic Party.

  2. Amazing! Really great pattern.....

  3. These are beautiful! And I absolutely love your sneakiness in hacking onto everyone's Pinterest accounts to pin them!

    1. Hacking my mom's Pinterest account is still one of my regular hobbies ;)


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