Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunbonnet Girl with Chickens Free Stitchery Pattern

I am obsessed with vintage embroidery lately!! And I had a vision of a pattern for a floursack towel of a sunbonnet girl feeding her chickens. I searched high and low for pattern that matched this vision but had no success. So I was forced to create my own. It took me forever to do so, but I'm very pleased with it!!

Color Guide:
  • Bonnet and apron outline: 350
  • Dress outline: 3733
  • Flower, shoes, sleeve cuffs to dress: 3832
  • Flower center, grass: 368
  • Arms and legs: 3864
  • Basket: 834
  • Chicken wattle and comb: 3831
  • Chicken outline: 3863
  • Chicken beaks and food: 728
Stitch Guide:
  • I used the lazy daisy stitch for the flower center and chicken feed. The flower petals were made with lazy daisy stitches. I used a classic backstitch for everything else.

I've mentioned before that I would LOVE to own backyard chickens, so this little floursack towel really makes me happy. It looks so happy hanging on my oven handle:) But it isn't very practical right now, since I've announced to everyone that this towel is only to look it. I'm not quite ready for all that hard work to be stained with spilled jam and dirty hands! However, I know my toddler well enough to know that he will clean up something gross with it while my back is turned and I'll have to start actualy using this towel before I know it. That's ok though, because at least it can hang in my kitchen looking pretty for the time being!  

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  1. I can't believe you came up with this yourself! It's so cute! I love vintage embroidery, but I don't have enough of it in my home. Also, I love the new header on your blog!

    1. Thanks! My hubby thinks I'm such a grandma because of my love of vintage embroidery;) And I'm just glad I got the header up. What should have been a quick makeover turned into a bit of a blogging catastrophe, but it could have been worse lol! I'm glad you like!!

  2. This is the sweetest! Perfect addition to the kitchen. And at least now you have the design down so if something gross does get on it, you can always make a new one :)
    Growing up, I also had chickens. My mom grew up in Puerto Rico, so she made sure I had a pet chicken or two (or five). Love are really sweet, while others are really mean. My favorite on them all was the Silky Rooster I had - I named him Pollito. It's Spanish for "little chick". They are non aggressive, and multiple roosters isn't a problem.
    I highly recommend them when you are ready, though they are a little tough to get a hold of.
    Hope you'll be stopping by to share this at our Yarn Fanatic Party! #33 is now live!

    1. I'll have to look into that breed- I don't think I've come across that one in my obsessive chicken research;) And I'm jealous you had chickens growing up! My friend grew up with chickens and I loved to help gather eggs- I think that's partly where my desire for them came.

  3. This is so cute! I'm a novice to embroidery though. Is there a tutorial on how to get the pattern onto fabric in order to stitch it? Thank you!


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