Monday, April 6, 2015

DIY Title of Liberty for FHE

Some of the things my mom came up with to drag family night out as long as possible really drove me crazy!! (Remind me to tell you all about the "compliment time" she made us do before each lesson. UGH!) I always accused of her staying up all night conniving activities, lesson plans, lesson supplements, etc for the sole purpose of making family home evening take up as much time as possible. 

I have become my mother.

My little boy LOVES family night, but he has a longer attention span for the lesson if I'm prepared with visual aides. So, sometimes I stay up way past my bedtime conniving ideas for props for an FHE lesson. And this DIY Title of libery is my latest creation!

(Not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? You can read a brief description of what the Title of Liberty is here. And you can learn more about our faith here!)

  • 2 peices of muslin
  • 1 peice of medium weight interfacing
  • 1" wide wooden dowel 
  • Fabric marker
  • Hot glue gun

First, write the scripture Alma 46:12 on one of your muslin rectangles. I wish I had practiced writing with my fabric marker on some scrap fabric before I did it on my project because I felt really clumsy with it! But my little boy doesn't notice my skiwampus handwriting ;)

Then I sandwiched my interfacing between the two muslin rectangles, making sure my writing was facing the outside. I pinned the peices together on 3 sides, leaving the side on the left of my writing unpinned. 

I made 2 marks about 1" away from the unpinned edge on the top and bottom. Beginning at the mark on the top, I sewed around the three sides. I chose to just do a top stitch because I want the edges to eventually fray. You know, because the real Title of Liberty was made from ripped coat which probably frayed too ;)

I wrapped the edge that was not sewn down around the top of my dowel. Then I hot glued the fabric down.

And because I was so excited I couldn't wait until the next FHE to show my Title of Libery to my son. 

He thought it was pretty sweet!

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