Friday, February 20, 2015

4 Ways Crafting Helps Me be a Better Wife and Mother

Every once in a while, someone will ask me how I find time to craft. I kind of laugh when they do, because the truth is that I have no choice but to take the time to. Crafting is a necessary part of my survival! Not only that, I've found that crafting actually helps me be a better wife and mother, and I'd like to share 4 of the ways that is does!
  1. Relieves stress and worries. This is particularly true of crocheting and knitting for me. Something about sitting down with my hooks and a project calms my mind and body! Stress and irritability seem to go hand in hand for me, and an irritable wife and mommy isn't usually very patient or loving!
  2. Helps me feel appreciated. Whenever I see my husband and little ones wearing or using something I made, it gives me such a sense of accomplishment. The best part is when I know they love it! My husband wears his knit hat almost daily and my son would be desolate without the blanket I sewed him. Knowing that my family loves the things I create makes me feel appreciated, which automatically causes me to want to continue to care for them to the best of my abilities. 
  3. Creates bonding and teaching oppurtunities. My son loves to sit on my lap while I'm sewing or hot gluing or yarn crafting. He loves to push the needle into my fabric or pull yarn from the skein for me while asking me an endless stream of questions about what I'm making. My baby girl loves to chew on my crochet hooks and slobber on my leftover ribbon. Not only do I get to work on something I love, my little ones can feel important when they participate in helping me create! These moments that I get to bond with and teach my children while I'm crafting remind me of how much I love them and want to be a good mother.
  4. Rejuvinating me-time. For some, going and getting a mani-pedi is what they need for some quality rejuvination. For me, I just need a craft and some time to work on it! I've found that when I don't prioritize a little bit of me-time, I become overwhelmed and don't have the energy to take care of my family the way I want to. Realizing that I can't skip me-time has made a big difference in my happiness, productivity and kindness as a stay at home wife and mom!
Overall, I feel that crafting improves my quality of life. It's so true when they say that the mom sets the tone in the home, so having things in my life that I enjoy unquestionably helps me to make sure that tone is a positive one. 

What kinds of things help you be a better wife and mother?

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