Monday, January 19, 2015

Delightful Dishcloth Crochet Free Pattern

Would you like to know why I recently came up with this free crochet dishcloth pattern??

My adorable little boy has decided that my kitchen washcloths make perfect blankets for his little stuffed puppy. Oh yes. And he's a hard core hoarder. My dishcloths have slowly been disappearing for weeks now, and I just can't seem to stop my son from nabbing them! Seriously, before kids I never would have considered the dire need to put kitchen towels under lock and key. Anyway, I found a huge stash of dishcloths under his bed and I stole them back. But I still have some missing, so I figured I had better make new ones and put them out of his reach. Besides, my dishcloths are getting nasy and old!

  • Size G crochet hook
  • 2 coordinating skeins of Lily Sugar n Cream yarn
  • Finished size is approximately an 8.5" square
  • You are welcome to make and sell products from this pattern but please link back to this post. Please do not copy this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not republish any of my photos as your own.


With MC Chain 24
Row 1: In second chain from hook sc. Sc in each across.
Row 2: Chain 3, *yo, insert the hook into the same stitch, yo, draw the yarn through the stitch. (3 stitches on hook.) Yo over, insert hook in next stitch, yo, draw the yarn through the stitch. (5 stitches on hook.) Yo, draw through all 5 stitches on hook. Dc in next stitch.* Repeat across.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the piece is a square, ending on row 1 and joining with sl st. Finish off.

Row 1: With CC, join to any stitch on the end. Chain 1, sc in same stitch and evenly around, making sure to sc 3 in each corner. Join with sl st.
Row 2: *Chain 3, sk next st, sl st. Ch 3, sl st in ch 1, sl st in same stitch.* Repeat around. Join with sl st, finish off.  

I think they are very pretty:) I'm a sucker for a dressy crochet edging! 

And I'm going to need to make more of my scrubbies too...That stinker of mine thinks scrubbies are the perfect pillows for his puppy! Dishcloth blankets, scrubbie pillows...what will be next?

At least he's not lacking imagination.

And at least I LOVE to crochet for the kitchen ;)

Happy stitching!! And to keep up with my free patterns, be sure to check out my Little Miss Stitcher Pinterest Board!
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  1. Mine did not turn out like yours. The stitches don't show up as well. And I am not sure that I did the edging correctly.
    But yours is so very Lovely!

  2. plan on making some thank you

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I love making these for quick, loving gifts!

  4. Cider house farm marketJanuary 15, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    My new favorite dishcloth, it's really pretty.
    Thanks for sharing your pattern

  5. The story about your son taking the dishcloth is cute, I plan on making them on the future.

  6. Hi Kersten, loved the dishcloth pattern, so pretty, and that is so sweet that your son is taking the dishcloths as puppy blankets! Maybe you should make him a special one, but then again, bet he wouldn't use that one! lolll Kids like to use their imagination like that, I was the same way.
    I have a question though, (just started crocheting) I understand how to do everything except for the MC and CC. What does those abbreviations stand for? Thanks for the wonderful pattern, appreciate it so much. :) Anne-Li


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