Monday, December 8, 2014

Newborn Knit Pants Free Pattern

While I was pregnant, I wanted a little pair of newborn knit pants for my baby but couldn't find any patterns that I loved! So I made up my own pattern, using a pair of baby leggings that came with a newborn outfit as my guide. I was super nervous they wouldn't fit, but they worked just perfectly for my little miss! 


  • I used the German Twisted Cast On method. I chose this cast on for the nice stretch it offers!
  • You are welcome to make and sell products from this pattern but please link back to this post. Please do not copy this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not republish any of my photos as your own.

Pants legs (Make 2):

CO 31
Row 1: K1 *p1, k1* repeat from * to * across
Row 2: K across
Rows 3-9: Repeat rows 1-2, ending on row 1
Rows 10-26: Beginning with a p row, stockinette stitch
Row 27: K2tog, k27, k2tog
Row 28-46: Beginning with a p row, stockinette stitch
Row 47: K2tog, k 25, k2tog
Row 48-54: Beginning with a p row, stockinette stitch
Rows 55-58: Repeat rows 1-2
Bind off

Sew the two pant legs together from the top to about 1/3 of the way down on both sides. Then sew up the legs. Sew in all loose ends and if desired, lightly block.

Be sure to check out my Little Miss Stitcher Pinterest Board for more free patterns! Happy stitching!

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  1. Oh how precious! I totally get not being about to find the exact pattern that you're looking for -- it's been the source of many of my unique creations.

    I’d love to have you link up at my Yarn Fanatic Party!

  2. these look so cute! I will make sure that I make some.


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