Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Felt Angel Ornamnet

As I mentioned in my Free Scripture Stitchery Pattern, I have a little sister who recently passed away. The holidays are always hard when a loved one is no longer around, especially at first. Eating sugar and crafting are my two favorite forms of therapy, so I figured that rather than indulging in those delish chocolate oranges that are all over the grocery stores right now, I'd make a felt angel ornament in memory of my sister!


Angel Ornament template
Small amounts of felt in sparkly white, light pink, brown and skin tones. (Feel free to change up colors for your own personal preferences though!)
DMC floss that coordinates
Ribbon, trim or thread for halo and hanging


Using the template, cut out all the felt pieces.

I opted to sew together the 2 angel wings first, making sure that the not sparkly sides were facing.

Next, I sewed the hair to the face circle. I stitched on a little face and attached the circle to the top of one side of the body. I then added the arms and then the heart. After that, I sewed the two body pieces together!

After that I hot glued the wings to the back of the angel's body. Then I hot glued the halo on, using trim I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I forgot to snap a picture of this part (my kids were going to be up from naps soon so I was in a hurry!) but I'll try to explain it as best as I can. More or less, I cut a piece of the beaded trim to the size I wanted and hot glued the two ends together, forming a circle. I turned that circle into an infinity shape, making the halo end much smaller than the loop for hanging. I carefully glued the halo end to the top of the angels head. It really was very simple!

When my toddler tried to grab this angel off the table where I had left it, I told him that it was an angel for his Aunt Nicole in heaven, so he needed to be soft with it. He declared that it needed to go to Grandma's house, so I ended up giving this angel to my mom. I'm going to have to make me another one now! 
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