Saturday, April 12, 2014

Joy Comes In Moments

Our baby girl will be here before we know it, so I've been trying extra hard to cherish my one on one time with Jace before my attention has to be divided. A quote by M. Russel Ballard has kept coming to my mind as I try to live in the moment with my son more...

Sometimes, I create moments with Jace. I plan a fun activity for us or just do something with him I know he'll love. But most of the time, those "shining moments of joy and satisfaction" just come. And if I'm not paying attention, those moments will slip away before I've even had a chance to notice. 

Today, my son found my sunglasses. I'm rather fond of them and didn't want them broken, so I took them and put them up on the entertainment stand and asked Jace not to touch them. 

His response: Mommy go kitchen. 

Me: You want me to go to the kitchen? Are you coming?

Jace: No, Jace Bear stay in living room. Mommy go kitchen please.

He had a mischevious look on his face, and I knew what he was plotting! So I said: Jace, do you want me to go to the kitchen so that I can't see you when you grab my sunglasses again?

Jace: *giggles* Yes! Please go kitchen!

It was too cute, so I went to the kitchen. A few minutes later, he came running into the kitchen with my sunglasses and a big grin. 

After I'd laughed at how cute he looked modeling my shades, Jace said: Take a picture! Jace Bear have sunglasses! Take a picture!

So I snapped like 800 pictures of him on my phone, and then we sat on the couch together and took turns trying on my sunglasses and looking through all the pictures I'd taken. While it may not sound like the most exciting way for me to spend that thirty minutes, it meant the world to my little man.

And it meant the world to me, too. 

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