Friday, March 7, 2014

How to: Burp Cloths with Crocheted Edging

One of my most favorite gifts to give to new moms are crocheted edge burp rags! I love them because the pretty edging is a fun way to dress up a practical gift. And people are always just so impressed with them! I find this amusing because they really are so simple and anyone with basic crocheting skills could make them, but it's always nice to seem oh so talented ;)

It seems to be baby season in my little corner of the world, so I figured I had better whip up a bunch of burp rags for my coming baby girl and for all my other expecting mommy friends! And since I'm always getting asked how to make these, I figured I'd put together a tutorial as well :) If you've never made these before, be prepared to be AMAZED at how easy they are!

Oh, and the best part of this tutorial? You don't have to take your burp rags to someone to have them hemstitched first. This is huge for me because I don't have the patience to wait around for someone to hemstitch my fabric :) Anyway, enough blabbing- let's get started!

Materials needed:
  • Free Burp Rag Template
  • 2 peices of 1/4 yard fabric that coordinate (I can get 2 burp rags from this)
  • Size 6 or 8 crochet hook (I switch back and forth depending on the edging and my mood)
  • Size 10 crochet cotton

First, cut out your burp rags using the template. Then place them wrong sides together. I like to pin them together so they don't slide around as I'm sewing, but it's not entirely necessary.

Now take it to your sewing machine and set your machine to the double zig zag stitch. It's #20 on my machine. 

*I have heard that people like to use a wing stitch needle to help increase the size of the holes. I have never tried it and found that my regular needle works just fine for me!*

Sew around. I like to stay fairly close to the edge. When you are done, it should look something like the picture below!

Now I'll show you how to dress it up with a super easy edging! First, stick your crochet hook through the front of one of the bottom holes created by the zig zag stitches, yarn over and pull through. 

 Then you will proceed to single crochet all the way around, joining with a slip stitch.

Then, chain 4, slip stitch in next stitch. Repeat this around and join with a slip stitch!

See? Looks hard, but really isn't. Projects with that deceiving quality make me happy inside.

My favorite crochet edge patterns can be found at Hemstitching for You. Seriously, I'm in love with all of the edgings and use them more than any other crochet edge patterns I've found!

And now go make a whole bunch more! I know I'm going to ;)

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  1. Those must make such wonderful little gifts. My favorite things to crochet are for babies. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

    1. My favorite things to crochet are for babies too :) Something about making things for the littles makes my heart happy!

  2. Thank you for such a great tutorial! The edging was a little time consuming but worth it in the end. I enjoyed making these burp pads b/c they are so practical!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them! Isn't it great when something can be practical and cute??

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  4. thanks for sharing.. I've been meaning to fiddle with my machine to get the holes evenly spaced for receiving blankets. You just saved me some time!!

  5. Thank you for this!!!! Beautiful! Can't wait to get started on some!!!!

  6. What a great idea for starting wrong sides together with a zigzag stitch! I've saved this in my sewing idea page, and will be going through my stash of flannel to see what I've got. These look so sweet, and I love that they are so practical at the same time. Thank you for sharing!


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