Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick and Easy Crochet Towel Topper Pattern

When I shared my Little Bit Frilly Towel Topper, I mentioned that all I wanted to do was get more towels to cut up and crochet toppers too. Well, I did just that and whipped up another towel topper pattern :)

  • One kitchen towel cut in half
  • Size D crochet hook
  • Size I crochet hook
  • Coordinating sport weight yarn
  • Coordinating button
  • Don't forget to check out my Textured Towel Topper and Little Bit Frilly Towel Topper patterns!
  • Work first row along the raw edge of towel. I do this just by stabbing my crochet hook into the fabric as I go, but I know some people choose to punch holes into the towel before working into it. 
  • You are welcome to make and sell products using this pattern but please link back to this post. Please do not copy this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not republish any of my photos as your own.

Row 1: Using size D hook, Ch 2,  SC 48 across raw edge of towel
Row 2-3: Switch to size I hook, Ch 2, turn, HDC across
Row 4-6: Ch 2, turn, skip first HDC, HDC in next. Repeat across. (24 HDC, 12 HDC, 6 HDC)
Row 6-19: Ch 2, turn, HDC across, finish off


Holding the wrong side of the towel towards you, insert your hook into the side of the closest stitch in your towel. Ch 3, sl st in next space. Repeat all the way around your towel.

Then you just have to sew in all your loose ends and attach a cute little button. Easy peasy!

Be sure to check out my Little Miss Stitcher Pinterest Board for more free patterns! 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eggs in a Basket Free Stitchery Pattern

So today, I'm going to share a post that I've been excited about for almost a year! It's my Eggs in a Basket stitchery pattern! I actually drew it up just after Easter last year and it has been sitting in my blog folder just waiting for spring to come again :) 

Along with this free pattern, I'm going to let you in on my favorite embroidery secret that was told to me by a sweet, incredibly knowledgeable elderly woman at a fabric shop. Are you ready for it??

Shape Flex. It can be found over by all the interfacing at Joann's. Seriously, I love this stuff. Why?

Well, you know how when your stitching along and then you hold your fabric up to the light or put it in a frame and you can see all the thread running in a mess on the back of your fabric? Or maybe you don't have that problem because the backside of your stitchery is as pretty as the front...In which case, you can stop reading. But for the rest of us, I have finally found the solution. 

Just buy some Shape Flex and iron a piece to the back of the fabric you intend to embroider! It's not very stiff and is easy to push your needle through. It also adds some stability to your fabric, which I love. I don't really recommend it for tea towels or something like that, but I have loved it for patterns I plan on framing or using for a pillow. I honestly don't know what I did without it.

Anyway, I'll bet your ready for your free Easter pattern, so here it is:

Eggs in a Basket Stitchery Pattern

*This pattern is for personal use only. Please don't sell any finished products or claim this pattern as your own. Please don't claim my pictures as your own. Thanks!*

I used crayons after I had completed the pattern to lightly color in the picture. I love the way coloring in embroidery can make it pop!

Oh, and feel free to change up any colors or stitches I recommend. It's always fun to play around with a pattern to achieve your own style :)
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Motherhood: There's Nothing Better

Shortly after Tyson and I announced my pregnancy, we went to a social function. While there, I started chatting with another mom.

This girl informed me that it was no surprise I was pregnant again, because as a stay at home mom, I obviously have nothing better to do than keep making babies. In fact, she was surprised we had waited so long to have another. Her tone of voice was very negative, and she felt the need to make a few other comments with undercurrents of disapproval. Initially, I was hurt by how snotty she was to me. But I decided it wasn't worth my time to fret over her derogatory attitude over our decisions and just got over it. 

Well, the other day I got to thinking about what she had said. And I decided that aside from her negative attitude, she was absolutely right.

I have nothing better to do than have this baby. I have nothing better to do than be a mom!

There is nothing better than watching Jace's face light up when he figures out how to do something new. There is nothing better than when he gives me big kisses for no reason. I have nothing better to do than make him grill cheese sandwiches for lunch and clean up his puke when he's sick at night.

When this baby comes, I'll have nothing better to do that spend my days and nights nursing. I'll have nothing better to do than change diapers, clean up spit up and try to figure out how to juggle a baby and a toddler.

My strengths and talents are best utilized in my home where they can benefit my husband and children most. I know that being a stay at home mom is not for everyone, but it's what is right for me.

Last summer...I miss summer!

There is nothing better than being a momma, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be with my son all day every day!

I love my little family so much and I am so glad that girl reminded me of how blessed I really am, even though I doubt that was her intention!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby Bunny Crochet Hat Pattern (3-6 months)

Springtime is just about here, which means Easter is coming! A photographer asked me to make her a little bunny hat, and I was thrilled with her request. I have a soft spot for all those cuddly looking baby animals :) Anyway, here's what I came up with.

  • Size I crochet hook
  • Bulky Weight Yarn (I used Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn in Fisherman)
  • Sport Weight Yarn (I used Patons Beehive Baby Sport Yarn in Precious Pink. I opted to go with sport weight yarn for the inner ear so that the ear wouldn't turn out as thick.)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • This pattern is for size 3-6 months
  • Ch 2 does NOT count as a stitch.
  • Don't join rounds to top of ch 2. Instead, join the rounds to the 1st DC. 
  • You are welcome to make and sell products from this pattern but please link back to this post. Please do not copy this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not republish any of my photos as your own.

Pattern: (3-6 months)

Round 1: Magic Ring, ch 2, DC 10, pull ring nice and tight, join to first DC, ch 2
Round 2: 2 DC in each DC around, join, ch 2. (20 DC)
Round 3: 
DC in first, DC in next DC, repeat  around, ch 2. (30 DC)
Round 4: 
DC in first, DC in next 2 DC, repeat around, join, ch 2.  (40 DC) 
Round 5-8: DC in each stitch around, join, ch 2 (On round 8, finish with a ch 1)
Round 9: SC in each around, join, ch 2
Round 10: Sl St in next stitch, ch 2. Repeat around, join, finish off. 

Outer Ears: (Make 2)

Ch 30, sl st in 4th ch from hook. Ch 3, skip one ch, sl st in next stitch, repeat across. Working on the opposite side of row, ch 3, skip one ch, sl st in next stitch, repeat across. Now continue to crochet in this manner around and around until desire outer ear width is reached. I made mine just until 3 inches wide.

Inner ears: (Make 2)

Ch 36, sl st in 4th ch from hook. Ch 3, skip one ch, sl st in next stitch, repeat across. Working on the opposite side of row, ch 3, skip one ch, sl st in next stitch, repeat across. Now continue to crochet in this manner around and around until slightly less wide than outer ears. Leave a long tail for sewing inner and outer ears together.


Sew each inner ear to each outer ear. Then position ears onto the sides of the hat and sew on. Weave in all loose ends. 
You can find more of my free crochet patterns here!

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Monday, March 10, 2014


I did it. Finally.

I joined TWITTER!

And I am feeling really, really hip. 

About two seconds ago, I posted my very first tweet. (It was kind of scary.)

And I didn't use a single hashtag. #fail #oops

Anyway, I totally have no clue how Twitter works...but I'm excited to figure it out! 

Seriously, it took me ten minutes to add a profile pic. 


I'd feel really special if you'd follow can find me here!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

How to: Burp Cloths with Crocheted Edging

One of my most favorite gifts to give to new moms are crocheted edge burp rags! I love them because the pretty edging is a fun way to dress up a practical gift. And people are always just so impressed with them! I find this amusing because they really are so simple and anyone with basic crocheting skills could make them, but it's always nice to seem oh so talented ;)

It seems to be baby season in my little corner of the world, so I figured I had better whip up a bunch of burp rags for my coming baby girl and for all my other expecting mommy friends! And since I'm always getting asked how to make these, I figured I'd put together a tutorial as well :) If you've never made these before, be prepared to be AMAZED at how easy they are!

Oh, and the best part of this tutorial? You don't have to take your burp rags to someone to have them hemstitched first. This is huge for me because I don't have the patience to wait around for someone to hemstitch my fabric :) Anyway, enough blabbing- let's get started!

Materials needed:
  • Free Burp Rag Template
  • 2 peices of 1/4 yard fabric that coordinate (I can get 2 burp rags from this)
  • Size 6 or 8 crochet hook (I switch back and forth depending on the edging and my mood)
  • Size 10 crochet cotton

First, cut out your burp rags using the template. Then place them wrong sides together. I like to pin them together so they don't slide around as I'm sewing, but it's not entirely necessary.

Now take it to your sewing machine and set your machine to the double zig zag stitch. It's #20 on my machine. 

*I have heard that people like to use a wing stitch needle to help increase the size of the holes. I have never tried it and found that my regular needle works just fine for me!*

Sew around. I like to stay fairly close to the edge. When you are done, it should look something like the picture below!

Now I'll show you how to dress it up with a super easy edging! First, stick your crochet hook through the front of one of the bottom holes created by the zig zag stitches, yarn over and pull through. 

 Then you will proceed to single crochet all the way around, joining with a slip stitch.

Then, chain 4, slip stitch in next stitch. Repeat this around and join with a slip stitch!

See? Looks hard, but really isn't. Projects with that deceiving quality make me happy inside.

My favorite crochet edge patterns can be found at Hemstitching for You. Seriously, I'm in love with all of the edgings and use them more than any other crochet edge patterns I've found!

And now go make a whole bunch more! I know I'm going to ;)

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