Monday, February 10, 2014

Quilty Minky Baby Blanket

I decided this baby girl of mine is going to need a cozy blanket! This project took me like a gazillion hours, especially because I'm a beginner quilter, but I've decided it was all worth it :) It certainly isn't perfect...but that's okay because babies just poop and spit up on everything anyway. 


  • 1 1/3 yard minky. (The fabric I used was mixed in with all the minky fabric at Joann's, but I noticed on the bolt it is technically called "furry fleece." But it feels like I'm calling it minky.)
  • Unfortunately, I am not entirely sure how much fabric I used for the top. The fabric was actually purchased months ago. Sooo...6 different fabrics that will get you an approx 45 by 45 in quilt top!
  • Coordinating thread
  • Quilt Basting Spray (Optional)

A Hopefully Helpful Tutorial:

First, cut 121 squares that measure 4.5" by 4.5" (I know, I know...that's a lot of squares!)
Then take each square and cut them each into four triangles.
Arrange all the triangles into squares, mixing up the fabrics. Sew two triangles together to form a half square. Do this to all of your triangle pieces and then press seams towards the darker fabric. Then, take 2 half square pieces and match up the center seam. Press.

Now, this is the part where you should square up your blocks. I COMPLETELY forgot to do this...and wish that I had. 
After you square up your blocks, lay the blocks out in 11 rows of 1 blocks each. Sew the blocks into rows. Pin and sew the rows together to finish the quilt top.
Now it's time to get ready to sew your minky to your quilt top! Lay your minky piece and quilt top out on the floor wrong sides together. Because minky is so slippery, I like to use quilt basting spray to hold the top and bottom pieces together. But you could just use pins :)

Then, take your blanket back to your sewing machine. Personally, I just sewed a decorative stitch down the seams of some of the rows (horizontally and vertically) but you can quilt your blanket together however you want! 

Once I'd finished that step, I opted to do a roll over binding. I chose this method because it's simple, fast and far less intimidating that doing some of the other styles of binding! 

Ta-da! And that's my little girl's blanket :) I have a feeling she is going to love it....
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  1. That is one of the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is beautiful! And I didn't know they made basting SPRAY! That will make things so much easier next time I make a quilt!

    1. Thank you! And when I discovered the quilt basting spray my life was literally changed:) I highly recommend it!

  3. This is adorable!! Is the minky supposed to be cut slightly larger than 45"x45" to be able to do the binding? I'm a complete newbie to anything quilt related. ;)

    1. Yes, the mink should be a little bit bigger than the quilt top! Best of luck!


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