Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Send a Heart Attack {free printable included}

Well, my little brother is currently serving an LDS mission and I decided that he was in need of some extra loving this Valentine's Day! And because I'm probably the most amazing sister ever, I am sending him a heart attack!! 

Materials I Used:
  • Free Heart Attack Printable
  • Heart covered tissue paper
  • Colorful cardstock
  • Heart shaped punch
  • Heart shaped stencil (in retrospect, I should have just used my Cricut to cut out my hearts!)
  • Gossner's Root Beer Milk (He loves this stuff and because it doesn't need to be refrigerated until it's been opened it's perfect for shipping!)
  • A few mini chocolate bars. (It's colder this time of year...but I'm still nervous about them melting so I didn't put too many in the package...we'll see how it turns out!)
  • Small cardboard box for shipping
First, I made a little "You've Been Heart Attacked" printable :) (My watermark won't be in your way once you download it.)

I cut out a whole bunch of hearts and wrote mostly lame things on them such as "Be my missionary" and "Your so cute!"

Then I made a little origami box to put the hearts in :) Don't you love that kissy paper?? I'm thinking my brother is going to love it too hehe :) I also punched out a whole bunch of little heart confetti because no heart attack package would be complete without it.

Then I put my tissue paper, root beer milk, chocolate, heart confetti, oragami box and a little card inside my cardboard box. I put my printable on the inside of one of the flaps :)

My husband seems to think that my package will somehow embarrass my brother...but I know the truth. When my brother opens this, he is going to roll his eyes and say in his slightly irritated tone of voice that he saves for me, "Oh my gosh, Kersten." And deep down inside, he is going to LOVE it! 

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  1. Why didn't you let us write on the hearts?

    1. I didn't even think of that! You know what, I haven't shipped it I'll cut out some hearts for you guys to write on too. That's a brilliant plan, yes?

    2. Brilliant. Michelle will be happy.


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