Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cancer Series: My Parents Are Amazing!

When Nicole was living at Primary Children's Hospital, I never, ever felt forgotten by my parents. I never felt like I was pushed to the back burner of their lives. Yes, Nicole had cancer. Yes, that took a lot of their time and attention. But they still remembered they had 6 other children. 


When I first went to visit Nicole in the hospital, I remember my dad putting his hand on my shoulder while saying, "You need to remember to take care of yourself. Your baby is important too."
His baby, my sister, was two feet away. She was hooked up to so many tubes and was completely sedated. She was in critical condition and my parents were told to be looking into funeral options for her. My health was at the bottom of my list of concerns, but not his. My dad still remembered that his pregnant daughter and unborn grandson were important too.
Later that same day, my mom brought me a banana and a drink and told me to remember to feed myself. 
A few weeks later, when my sister was still doing badly, my mom did something that my husband Tyson still mentions. She must have been so tired and so worn out, but she remembered Tyson's birthday. Not only did she remember it, she bought cupcakes and sang to him and threw him a little party after a long day at the hospital.
She still bought her coming grandson I Love Grandma bibs. Both my parents were there for me when I needed them after I gave birth to my son. 
My parents could have easily brushed my siblings and I aside at that time. Nicole needed them so much and they must have been so overwhelmed and so tired. But they didn't. They remembered that although their other kids' lives weren't at risk, their other kids needed them too.
Sometimes, I wonder how they did it all. But then I realize how. They didn't ever seem to really dwell on themselves and how hard things were for them. 

I know I've mostly shared how they remembered me, but I watched them remember my other siblings. They remembered other family members and neighbors, too. And I believe that's the biggest factor in why they didn't completely fall apart during that hard time.
My parent's are an inspiration to me, and I hope that by sharing this little post they an be an inspiration to you, too!

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