Monday, September 2, 2013

LDS Quiet Book: Hill Cumorah

This page is about Joseph Smith visiting the Hill Cumorah. To read more about this, click here
While the idea for this page was mine, I have to give credit to my husband and my sister Rachel for some of the cute detail ideas. 

The Angel Moroni velcros on and off. Joseph is attatched to ribbon that is looped through two buttons holes so he "climbs" the hill, and that idea was all my sister's! 

Laban's sword, the Liahona and the golden plates are under the rock! I was going to make a felt pocket, but my hubby suggested using the vinyl instead. I thought his idea was brilliant, so I did it! I made the Liahona by hot gluing two golden sequins together.

And under the tree leaves is a bird :)
You can find the pattern I drew up here!


  1. how do i make the rock look all textured, what did u do to it to give it the detail???

    1. I actually used textured felt that I found at Hobby Lobby!


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