Saturday, August 31, 2013

LDS Quiet Book: Popcorn Poppin'

This page was inspired by a classic Primary song: Popcorn Popping! It was a fairly quick, simple page to put together. The popcorn on the tree buttons on and off!

You can find the pattern I drew up here.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

LDS Quiet Book: Help the Missionaries

At the end of this post, I mentioned I was working an another quiet book, this time LDS themed! Well, I've finally finished it and will be posting about it over of the next few days! 

Well, I have to give credit for the inspiration of this page to my sister Ana. Thanks sis :)

Aren't my little investigators so cute? (I know Tyson, not everyone is as welcoming to the missionaries as these investigators seem to be. Let's focus on the positive!)

And my favorite...the missionary finger puppets! I just love them!

I drew up patterns for this page you can find here. I didn't include the investigators because I just cut them out as I went!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hand puppets: Daniel in the Lion's Den Set

Now that my son is getting a little bit older, family home evening can be a little bit more exciting than when he was a little baby. So lately, I've been trying to come up with more creative activities. My latest (and most favorite) idea is scripture character hand puppets! Below I'll share how I made my Daniel in the Lion's Den set.

First, I cut out the templates I drew up. For Daniel's hair, I sewed just the bottom, straight side down. Then I attached his clothes, the hair on the back of his head, his headband and face. I pinned down the loose side of his hair before I pinned the front and back of the puppet right sides together. I sewed around, leaving the bottom open. Then I flipped him right side out!

I love my little lion :) He makes me so happy! Anyway, for the front side of his mane I sewed it in two layers. First the yellow, then the orange.

Similarly to Daniel, I had to pin all the loose edges of the mane and tail in, so that when I sewed around no felt would get caught. 

The king was pretty easy. I added the crown after I had sewn the two sides together. 

I used red sequins for jewels!

The angel was the quickest. Sew the pieces to the body, sew right sides together, flip it out and voila! An angel :)

This little set has been a HUGE hit with my 16 month old. He sits so still and mesmerized as Tyson and I play out the story of Daniel with the puppets. And when he gets to wear one of the puppets during the story, he just grins and giggles! 

My favorite part of these hand puppets is that I can use them for more than just one scripture story. Daniel could be Nephi, Ammon, Alma, etc. The king could be King Noah, King Benjamin, King whoever we need him to be! The angel could be any angel that ever appears in the scriptures. The lion could even star in the story of Noah's Ark. Can you imagine the possibilties?! I sure can :)

You can find the patterns I drew up here!