Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Little Sister Quiet Book: Under the Sea

When we would go swimming when I was little, I would totally pretend I was a little mermaid just like Ariel. I'd hold my legs as tight as I could together and try to swim just like a mermaid. When the idea of an "under the sea" quiet book page popped into my head, I couldn't resist an Ariel theme!

The purple fish, yellow fish, and little jellyfish are all attached to velcro, so they can be switched around. Also, those little seashells on the bottom are my favoritest ever.

I found my Ariel template here. I made it so she could slide back and forth on the page with the ric rac. I used green sequins to make her tail shiny. She was so much work, but I absolutely love her! 

That's Sebastian hiding under a rock:) I know he doesn't look like the cartoon version...but I like him! I used silver sequins for his little eyes. 

I was totally humming the songs from Little Mermaid while I was putting this page together! So fun :)

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