Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Little Sister Quiet Book: Minnie and Daisy

My littlest sister Nicole is turning 2 this month! So I decided for her birthday I would make her a quiet book :) Over the next week or so I'll be sharing the pages I've made for her.

She LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So, naturally, she had to have a Minnie and Daisy page! I bounced lots of Mickey Mouse themed quiet book ideas off my sisters, and I'm pretty sure Michelle is the one to be credited for the initial inspiration for this page. 

There are a total of 6 interchangeable bows. Some of them are made from felt and others are made from ribbon. I used pictures of Minnie and Daisy that I found off the internet as templates. You can find them here and here

The font I used for this stitching can be found here.
I'm kind of hoping this is her favorite page :)

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