Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Pages 2 & 3

As I started putting these pages together, I was pretty convinced it was going to be felty catastrophe. Fortunately, they turned out! These pages are my husband's favorite. 

You can't really see, but I sewed little red beads for berries on the bush in the corner. I did it as an afterthought and I'm so glad I did! I've found the little details matter most in making these quiet books cute. Those little dinosaurs were so much fun to create! I have to thank my sisters for helping me pick which dinosaur pictures that I found on Google search would be the best to use. You can find those templates herehereherehere and here. I reduced the sizes of each template to approximately 2.5-3 inches. 

I made that little cave (and all the rocks) out of some textured felt I found at JoAnn's. Inside of it I made a little pocket to hold all the dinosaurs when they are not in use. It's definitely a tighter squeeze than I had imagined, but it works! 

I found my inspiration for this page here

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