Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Page 5

While I was wandering around Hobby Lobby, I found the CUTEST dinosaur felt and dinosaur buttons. Honestly, I very nearly fainted when I saw them. Not really knowing what their future purpose was, I bought them on an impulse. So glad I did!

First, don't mind the crappy lighting
Second, I found my inspiration here

Basically, I just sewed 3 sides of a vinyl square down onto my adorable felt. Then I filled it with rice, my dinosaur buttons, paper clips and other random odds and ends I found lying around the house. Then I sewed up the top. I looked at it and decided it was seriously lacking, so I added 2 layers of ric rac around each side. To finish it off, I hot glued green buttons down in each corner. I love!

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