Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Summary

I had a little too much fun making this quiet book! And there are so many more non-dinosaur themed pages I'm dying to make. Confession: I'm so obsessed with quiet books that I've even been dreaming about them...Pathetic, right?
I haven't bound and completely finished this quiet book yet. My son is a too young for quiet books right now, so I'll worry about turning these pages into an actual book when he's ready for it! 



Some Quiet Booking tips I learned from experience:
  1. Be prepared to make more pages than you originally intended.
  2. Temporary Adhesive Spray or Quilt Basting Spray. It's your best friend.
  3. Quiet books are easy, but extremely time consuming. Before beginning to make one, prepare or buy a whole bunch of frozen dinners. In my opinion, it's far more important to finish that felt baby dinosaur than slave over a stove!
  4. It will be tempting, but don't stay up all night making these. You will be very tired the next day, and that will inhibit your ability to continue quiet booking. Trust me, I know. 
  5. Putting fusible interfacing between your pages will add stability. You could also put some kind of stiff fabric or something between them as well. It just helps keep the pages less floppy, which is nice. I highly recommend it :)
  6. It's okay if you screw up. In the end, I thought all my "mistakes" made my quiet book cuter anyway. 
Well, naptime isn't over yet so I'm off to make more quiet book pages!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Page 6

I came up with the idea for this page while cracking eggs for breakfast one morning! 

Those sticks took me a million years or so to hand stitch onto that nest/pocket, but it was totally worth it. 

Awww...would you look at those baby dinosaurs? (Yes, yes. I know that different kinds of dinosaurs would probably not be in the same nest, Tyson. Think creatively, honey!) Two of them can come out to play, two of them are stuck and the one egg is empty and unhatched. 

You can find my pattern here. It's pretty vague- I drew everything up without planning on posting it

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Page 5

While I was wandering around Hobby Lobby, I found the CUTEST dinosaur felt and dinosaur buttons. Honestly, I very nearly fainted when I saw them. Not really knowing what their future purpose was, I bought them on an impulse. So glad I did!

First, don't mind the crappy lighting
Second, I found my inspiration here

Basically, I just sewed 3 sides of a vinyl square down onto my adorable felt. Then I filled it with rice, my dinosaur buttons, paper clips and other random odds and ends I found lying around the house. Then I sewed up the top. I looked at it and decided it was seriously lacking, so I added 2 layers of ric rac around each side. To finish it off, I hot glued green buttons down in each corner. I love!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Page 4

I love this page so much. The little dinosaur in the egg makes me happy inside :)

I found the template for this page here. Aside from the "ROAR" I followed her pattern exactly. 

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Pages 2 & 3

As I started putting these pages together, I was pretty convinced it was going to be felty catastrophe. Fortunately, they turned out! These pages are my husband's favorite. 

You can't really see, but I sewed little red beads for berries on the bush in the corner. I did it as an afterthought and I'm so glad I did! I've found the little details matter most in making these quiet books cute. Those little dinosaurs were so much fun to create! I have to thank my sisters for helping me pick which dinosaur pictures that I found on Google search would be the best to use. You can find those templates herehereherehere and here. I reduced the sizes of each template to approximately 2.5-3 inches. 

I made that little cave (and all the rocks) out of some textured felt I found at JoAnn's. Inside of it I made a little pocket to hold all the dinosaurs when they are not in use. It's definitely a tighter squeeze than I had imagined, but it works! 

I found my inspiration for this page here

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Page 1

I am quite loving dinosaurs these days. Which is why I really couldn't help but make a whole dinosaur themed quiet book! 

This first page was inspired by a page from this quiet book that I  pinned to my Quiet Book Pinterest Board. When I found this dinosaur coloring page, I knew it was perfect for my dino quiet book!

This was probably my favorite page to make. It makes me grin to take his head off. 

I used some beads I found in my mom's stash to make the word "dinosaur." The rocks in the left hand corner lift up to reveal it! 

Dinosaur Quiet Book: Introduction

Here are a few things Tyson has said to me over the last few weeks:

"Didn't you just buy felt?"
"Are you ever going to cook a real dinner again?" (His definition of 'real dinner' and mine are clearly different!)
"Before I met you, I wouldn't have known dinosaurs were supposed to be cute and not cool."
"That page you are working on is going to be way cute! But...what's the point of a quiet book again?"
"Well, good thing felt is so cheap."

He makes me laugh :)

He has also said to me (multiple times), "Kersten, are you aware of the fact that you have felt in every room of this house? It's everywhere."

Baby Jace likes  to keep it with his toys!!

Well, we can clearly see Tyson should be addressing this issue to Jace, not me!
Anyway, over the course of the next few days I am going to be posting about my Dino Quiet Book pages. Squeal!